Tron Casino Disappeared and left Thousands of Investors with Valueless Tokens

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A Tron gambling App, DooTron disappeared last week without explanation. Shortly before its vanishing, DooTron launched its second game called Shoot, which has issued a second token. How Tron casinos work is that players earn a casino-centric token for each and every bet they make. The more they wager, the more tokens they collect. Also, they can choose to sell the tokens or lock them to make dividends from the casino’s profit pool. Some gambling sites allocate about 70% of their profits to the bonus pool.

Tron Casino

Almost all Tron casinos do the same, as well as numerous EOS-based casinos. players can purchase the tokens on the markets to receive a bonus from casino operations. As detailed, had two tokens at the end known as SHOOT and DOO. DOO and they were obtained in an advanced Hi-Lo game that allowed the user additional options than most forms of Hi-Lo: the gamer could choose the color or suit for changing levels of profit.

Token Receptacles Left to Rot- Tron Casino

The games were fair, their results determined by unpredictable Tron blockchain. The hash would be understood to determine the outcome, as is the case with numerous games on both EOS and Tron. This was seen as fairer and harder to rig than traditional casinos, which may develop progressive methods of misleading gamblers. In these casino token systems, tokens are mined through play. The more current a casino, the quicker its tokens get mined. The innovator of this model is known as, which issues ANTE. ANTE is presently worth over 20 TRX each, and stay between 23 and 26 at most of the time.

A total of 59,082,099.596981 DOO was mined over the casino’s life, and there are 1204 holders currently. More than 12 million remain “frozen,” earning no bonuses this time. SHOOT, which was newer, has over 1.4 million frozen. DOO and SHOOT got removed from one of its few exchanges,, with the notice: Because DooTron encountered operational-related inquiries, it will stop all its social media, websites and other doings included today.

Doo and Shoot Limited Insight

The notice served as one of the pieces of data the surrounds the motive for the disappearance of the app. Investigations are underway, and the casino’s operatives decided to run.

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