Super Bowl 53 was ‘Not Exciting’ even with Legal Betting

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While legal betting on Super Bowl 53 was on the up, the game lacked excitement for most viewers. The American championship game is one of the biggest in the country every year. However, this year’s lack of touchdowns made for boring viewing. To make matters worse, the New England Patriots won against the LA Rams with a score of 13-3. Since the Patriots were favorites to win, many gamblers lost their bets.

In fact, the famous ‘Bettor X’ lost $3.8 million through multiple sportsbooks. The anonymous gambler previously won big on last year’s Super Bowl and the 2017 World Series. However, this year proved to be a bad bet because the Patriots came under the projected 56.5-point over/under line by 40.5 points. Of course, there were still a few winning bets this year, but not as big as previous championships.

Super Bowl 53 was ‘Not Exciting’ even with Legal Betting

Super Bowl 53 Betting Results

The only touchdown of the game happened as the clock hit 00:00. Tom Brady scored the winning points and officially became the oldest quarterback to win the Super Bowl. His coach, Bill Belichick (66), became the oldest coach to win at the Super Bowl 53. It’s unclear whether or not any bookies offered bets on these achievements, but it is possible.

For now, the most important payouts are on wins and prop bets. In fact, one lucky bettor turned $250 into $100 000 on a prop bet. According to reports, the gambler bet that the Rams would score exactly three points. With odds of 400/1 or 0.25%, this was a pretty good guess. Other novelty bets offered were based on the half-time show and specific players. One big bet was the possibility of Maroon 5 opening with ‘Harder to Breathe’.

Another fun bet was on what color Gatorade would be dumped on the winning coach. This year, blue Gatorade took the stage. With so many bets on the table, legal winnings will pay out in seven states in the coming weeks. Sports fans in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Mississippi, and New Mexico were able to access regulated bookmakers this year.