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Online poker myths have become quite a common aspect of playing this table game. Many of these myths have been repeated by players so many times that most people now believe them to be true. However, most of these myths either come from a place of ignorance or irritation by online gamblers because they’ve lost games. These online poker myths have given poker sites and playing poker online a bad rap, even discouraging some people from giving it a try.

Online poker may be different from poker at brick-and-mortar casinos, but they are both fundamentally the same. There seems to be a belief that cards online “behave” differently from physical cards but that’s just another online poker myth. This may come from the fact that the player doesn’t get the tactile experience of game cards when playing online. Another misconception that has been doing the rounds in the gambling world is that games are rigged, a myth that’s unfounded.


Let’s take a look at the top 10 myths around online poker.

Online Poker Myths

1. Online Poker is Rigged

This is one of the leading online poker myths that stop many poker fans from playing it online. They believe that poker sites engage in fraudulent behaviour that rigs the games to cheat the players out of winning real money.

The games at online gambling sites are tested and regulated by bodies that ensure gaming fairness. Additionally, the gaming software is regularly tested by third-party auditors for fairness. The online poker software also uses random number generators (RNG) to determine which cards the game deals. These are incredibly difficult to rig.

2. Colluding Online is Easy

Colluding in poker is when two or more players play together in order to get ahead of the other players at the table. While playing online, they communicate with each other, letting the others know which cards they have. Ultimately, this helps the players make moves to try and force their opponents to fold or add more to the pot.

Even though colluding may happen, saying that it commonly takes place is a misconception. This online poker myth makes it seem much easier than it is to pull off. Poker sites use a variety of detection software to pick up on colluding players and their techniques. In fact, live poker rooms don’t have this level of security.

3. You Can’t Win at Online Poker

With gambling, whether online or live, your chances of losing are higher than the possibility of winning. However, just because most people lose money doesn’t mean it’s impossible to win at all. If it was impossible, nobody would gamble in the first place. Believing the misconception that you can’t win at online poker stops you from doing what’s necessary to win – practicing and thinking about it as a game of skill for money.

Poker, unlike some other more popular casino games, requires more than just luck. It also needs a bit of skill and an understanding of strategy. Putting those two things together will make you a much better poker player, whether online or in a live poker room.

4. Poker is All About Reads

There’s a common fallacy in the poker world that the only way you can win at poker is to read your opponent. The decision based off what you read is what will make you a winner. Playing with this belief puts people off online poker because they don’t get to see their opponents, whether it’s a computer or others in a live dealer game.

However, people playing online have managed to consistently win money off poker online. Therefore, this proves that reading the physical reactions of your opponents is just an overrated myth. They can help but there are more important things like using math, skill, and strategy.

5. You Get More Bad Beats Online

This is one of the more dangerous online poker myths that players at casino sites will undoubtedly hear. A lot of people actually believe that you get more bad beats online than at a live poker room. It’s one of the more dangerous myths because players who feel like they are going to play poorly will make irrational and emotional decisions.

You do see more bad beats online. However, this is because you play far more hands per hour online than in a live room. Bad beats are more frequent because you’re playing at a faster pace.

6. Online Poker Sites Make Sure Bad Players Get Lucky

This myth is apparently linked to number five – players get more bad beats online. Furthermore, it perpetuates the idea that online poker sites decide who gets which cards and when. Some players believe that they rig the games to the advantage of bad players. It’s essentially about looking for something or someone to blame if you lose.

In essence, poker sites can’t decide which cards are dealt when because of the RNG software used in the poker game. It appears that bad players win more because of the high number of times players get a bad beat. Also, players are more likely to make bad decisions online than they would in a live poker game.

7. Good Poker Players Always Win

On the other hand, this popular online poker myths is that good players always win. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a person winning a game tonight will win one tomorrow. In the long run, good players do win money but over the short-term, most of the time it’s in mainly down to luck.

The best poker players, whether live or online, will suffer from long losing streaks and they do bounce back. It’s not that they’re favored by the site.

8. Poker Sites Create Action Flops

A myth about poker online is that sites intentionally set-up hands so that at least two players have strong ones. They do this to keep the pot large which equals plenty of rake being paid.

Coming from the same “online poker has more bad beats” school, players will have more action flops and big pots because they’re playing more poker hands online.

9. You Can’t Beat the Rake at Low Limits

While uncommon, this is a misconception that is spread around about poker online. Yes, it’s true that the rake accounts for a higher percentage of each pot at the lowest limits, it’s not a cause for concern. Reputable poker sites cap the maximum rake charge based on the stakes being played and it’s rarely excessive.

This myth encourages people to play at higher stakes tables they shouldn’t be playing at. Consequently, this results in exceeding your bankroll quickly.

10. You Always Lose After Cashing Out

Finally, this one of the more popular online poker myths is known as the “cash out curse”. There are players who believe that poker sites ensure they go on a losing streak after making a withdrawal. The assumption here is that they are trying to discourage people from cashing out their winnings.

This doesn’t make sense for a casino site to discourage people from receiving their funds. Getting your money, after all, is what makes you feel rewarded as keeps you playing.

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