Nevada Regulators May Consider Allowing Gambling in Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

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The state of Nevada and the Nevada Gaming Control Board will potentially be reconsidering a law that bans all gambling from within stadiums. The NGCB will need to decide whether or not it is going to recommend that certain forms of gambling be allowed in the new Las Vegas Raiders Stadium. The new stadium is set to be complete in 2020.

Stadium Betting Could Be Permitted in Las Vegas

Nevada May Allow Betting in Stadium

Back in October 2016, Senate Bill 1, also known as the Southern Nevada Tourism Improvements Act, came into effect. The bill prohibited all forms of gambling from taking place within stadium grounds. However, since the act was passed, the Federal government repealed PASPA, allowing states to determine if they want to allow sports betting.

This has created a huge appetite for betting on sporting events across the USA. The NGCB has said that it will consider revising the bill to permit certain forms of gambling. Should the NGCB receive any proposals on the matter, it will review their merits and make a decision on how to proceed. The bill also allocated around $750 million of Nevada state money to be put towards construction of the Raiders Stadium. The money came from a small increase in the hotel occupancy tax for hotels located ion Clark County.

Stadium Rules Could Confuse Visitors

While the venue won’t be finished until 2020, numerous firms in Las Vegas are already starting to create partnerships. One of the first was Caesars Entertainment, which has become the first ‘Founding Partner’. This will allow Caesars to have a big presence in the stadium, with its own personalized drop off zones, private suites, and various exclusive privileges for events.

However, this is likely to confuse visitors, who will assume gambling is permitted. Another aspect that makes the matter more difficult is the NFL has its own laws. Its laws say that a sports betting operator cannot advertise gambling services within a stadium. So, Caesars can advertise its hotels, spas, nightclubs, restaurants, but not its sports betting.