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Nevada Casino Workers Will Have Jobs after the COVID-19 Shutdown

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Workers who Nevada casinos hired will have jobs when the COVID-19 shutdown is over. The Las Vegas union that supports employees confirmed that workers will have their positions when things go back to normal. Last week, about 33 million US citizens applied for benefits that come with unemployment. The numbers skyrocketed five times the last results in 1982, reported the US Department of Labor.

Steve Sisolak, the government of Nevada called a shutdown for 30 days for companies that are not important. This was put into effect on the 17th of March and casinos fall under non-essential operations. The great news is that jobs are not effected which brought many members relief during this Coronavirus pandemic. The Culinary Workers Union Local 266 protects workers from Reno and Las Vegas released a statement to members.

Employees without Union Representation

While some workers are certain that they are going to have jobs once this tragic COVID-19 situation changes. Several casinos are going to make their workers apply for their positions again soon as the lockdown ends. The Palazzo and Venetian casinos do not have unions but have promised to pay their workers. A system is in place that will allow the companies to pay people during the COVID-19 closure.

Neva Casino Employees Jobs Not Under Threat After COVID-19

COVID-19 Shakes the Gaming Sector

We don’t know how long it will take for the gaming sector to reach its initial state. Many have been promised security but the reality is that casinos might lose some workers. This tragic event has affected all Americans but there’s still hope when everyone works together during these uncertain times.

One million was a donation from MGM to pay workers and Bruno Mars made another $1 million contributions to help employees. Other contributors include  Hornbuckle and Kirk Kerkorian.