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The gambling website, Mystery Brand, has found itself at the centre of controversy after two prominent YouTubers promoted the polish gambling website. The scandal revolves around some of the outrageous prizes being offered, as well as the fact that the YouTubers in question have plenty of young children in their audience.

Mystery Brand YouTube Scandal

Mystery Brand Offers Real Loot Boxes

Mystery Brand offers players the chance to buy real-life loot boxes, just like they can in video games. As with video game loot boxes, players will win something, but the rarer items are significantly more difficult to win. Mystery Brand found itself in hot water for claiming that some of its loot boxes could see players winning high-end supercars, like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, as well as the most expensive house ever put up for sale in the USA.

The prices for the loot boxes range from just a few dollars up to $1299.99, which is the most expensive loot box we saw on the site. The loot boxes have various themes, so if you want gaming products, you can buy a loot box that only has items of interest. There are boxes for fashion items, music, TVs, smartphones and more.

YouTube Drama

The issues arose when the two YouTubers released their videos, showing them spending thousands of dollars on these loot boxes. They both won a significant number of prizes, leading some to believe the odds were changed in their favour. Many believe the website is a scam, with numerous people on Reddit saying they never received the prizes they had won.

The big issue also centres around the game of the audiences that watch these YouTubers; the one YouTuber had stated a few months before this scandal that the average age of his viewers was between 13-16, so why is he promoting a dodgy gambling site?  One YouTuber who criticised these videos claimed Mystery Brand had approached him to do a promotional video, which would earn him $100 000. He rejected the offer.

The site’s terms and conditions even have a clause stating that players may not receive their prize. However, the terms do state that if this happens, Mystery Brand will step in to rectify the issue.

Mystery Brand Unregulated?

Also, no one can find out if the website is regulated by anyone. It seems the website is based in Poland, since they say they are subject to the laws in Poland. However, if this is the case, they’re breaking Polish law. In Poland, the only form of online gambling allowed is sports betting and only if the operator holds the appropriate Polish license.

Finally, the prizes on offer made many people nervous. It was advertised that some boxes could contain Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royces. But nothing compares to the top prize that was supposedly offered in the Women’s Christmas Box. The site claimed that this box could see someone win something called “the Most Expensive Los Angeles Reality $250 000 000”.

It included a picture of the most expensive mansion to ever go on sale in America. The properly, 924 Bel Air Road, went onto the market at $250 million, before being reduced to $188 million. The odds of winning were stated at 0.0000018%. However, the website does not own the mansion, so how could it possibly deliver such a prize? Claims like this only fuelled people’s belief that the site is a scam. The mansion and supercars have since been removed as prizes.