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The MGM National Harbor casino in Maryland made quite an unfortunate mistake recently. The mistake voided a substantial slot machine jackpot. The casino has publicly apologized to the customer. The jackpot was voided due to a staff member accidentally inputting the incorrect social security number.

MGM National Harbor Voids jackpot due to typo

National Harbor Voids Jackpot with Typo

The customer, called Cynthia Obie, told news outlets that she was playing a slot machine when she won the jackpot. She went to the cage to cash out her jackpot win. However, the staff member entered her social security number incorrectly. The mistake, which was just one digit, meant that the casino was unable to pay out the jackpot.

The social security number that was entered brought up a person who owed the state of Maryland money. Because of this, MGM National harbour was not allowed to pay out the customers winnings. The state law also prevents MGM National Harbor from trying to re-enter her details and payout the jackpot.

All is Not Lost

The casino released a statement saying it was aware of what had happened and that it was sorry for the issue. It said that it had taken the necessary steps to solve the issue and the customer would need to present proper identification to the Maryland Gaming Commission. Once that is done, she will be paid out. It isn’t known how much money she won, but it is believed to be several thousand dollars. In the meantime, MGM National harbour provided the player with $200 in slot credits, as well as free drinks.

While the mistake will cause her some inconvenience, at least it sounds like she will still receive her jackpot. This is at least better news for her than some other ‘jackpot winners’ who saw their winnings voided. One woman in New York thought she had won $44 million, before being told the machine had malfunctioned. She had actually won just $2.25. Then there was a man in Arizona who thought he’d won $50 000. This was due to a faulty lightbulb showing he’s hit the jackpot. Instead, he’d won $4000.