Lottery Ticket Thief Arrested When He Tries to Collect $10 Million Prize

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A man from California thought his life had changed forever after he tried to cash in his scratch-off lottery ticket. The man believed the ticket had won $10 000, but he was shocked to learn it was actually worth $10 million! What an amazing way to end off 2018 and start 2019. He eagerly awaited the day when he could head back to the lottery office and collect his money. The day finally came, however, instead of becoming a multi-millionaire, he was arrested for allegedly stealing the ticket from his roommate.

Lottery ticket thief arrested when claiming $10 million prize

Roommate Suspects Suspect of Stealing Lottery Ticket

The man in question named Adul Sasosongyang, age 35, went to the Sacramento Lottery Office to collect his $10 million prize. However, he left in handcuffs on charges of grand theft. On the 20th of December 2018, his roommate purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket for $30. For some reason, the roommate believed he’d only won $10 000, but was very excited and mentioned this to the future thief.

However, when the roommate went to cash in the ticket, he was informed that his ticket was not a winner and had been tampered with. He immediately suspected Sasosongyang had taken the ticket and replaced it with this losing ticket while he slept. He contacted the police, who opened a case.

Suspect Arrested When Cashing in Lottery Ticket

Sasosongyang went through to the lottery office to claim his prize and found out the true value of the ticket. The lottery office congratulated him on his win, unaware that it was reportedly stolen. Luckily for the original owner of the ticket, the lottery office immediately opened an investigation into the winning ticket. This is standard procedure on any winning ticket over $600, to ensure everything is as it should be.

During the investigation, they looked at security footage from the store where the ticket was bought, and this immediately made them suspicious. They had also been contacted by the police who had informed them of the victims claim. Sasosongyang was told to come back to the lottery office on the 7th of January to collect his prize. However, he was arrested instead.