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Iowa Casinos Begin Operations June 1 with Limitations

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It’s back to business for Iowa casinos as they start preparing to open on the 1st of June. However, they will need to work in a safe environment and adhere to certain precautions. All of these measures will be put in place to protect the staff and customers.

Kin Reynold’s who is the governor called the states nineteen commercial casinos to close down on the 17th of March. All casinos in Iowa including tribal casinos followed the instructions and doors were closed. On the other hand, the Public Health Disaster Emergency rule goes up to the 25th of June. Additionally, some operations will open according to how the republican issues orders.

The governor’s orders permit casinos to run. This means that other activities such as skate parks, outdoor venues, playgrounds, and more will reopen in June and adhere to health precautions.

Restriction on Iowa Casinos

It’s the governor’s priority to ensure that people are safe while making sure that the business start. It is very important to strike a balance between business and the protection of employees. Casinos have to ensure that only 50% of their patrons are on the gaming floor. Furthermore, Iowa casinos will practice social distancing and keep the place clean.

Iowa Casino Start Business on the 1st of June

Iowa’s Approach to COVID-19

Citizens in Iowa were not told to stay at home by Kin Reynold but she shut down businesses (gatherings, schools, etc.). Many US governor’s approaches were different compared to the state. She started easing the restrictions and allowed social clubs and the likes to open. With that said, it doesn’t mean that they are out of the dark when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. The state has witnessed an increase in coronavirus death cases.