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Bonuses often come with lots of terms and conditions. One of these terms determines whether you can withdraw a casino bonus amount.

If a bonus is non-cashable (also known as a sticky bonus), it means that you cannot withdraw the bonus amount when you claim your winnings. Your total winnings are calculated by subtracting the bonus amount awarded to you from the total figure.

If a bonus is cashable, you can withdraw the bonus amount when you request a withdrawal. Bear in mind that you cannot just withdraw your bonus as soon as it is awarded to you.

That would be akin to a casino handing out free money. Rather, you have to meet an offer’s playthrough/wagering requirements before you can do so.

can you withdraw a casino bonus

Below, we look at whether non-cashable or cashable bonuses are a better option for players. You’ll actually be surprised by some of the points that come up in this discussion.

Cashable vs. Non-Cashable Bonuses: Which is Better?

Most players will probably default to thinking that cashable bonuses are better. The casino is giving you extra money.

But it’s not that simple. Non-cashable bonuses usually have higher matches and sometimes have much better wagering requirements. Cashable bonuses usually have lower match percentages and higher wagering requirements.


Think of a 300% match bonus with a 30x playthrough term versus a 100% match bonus with 50x wagering requirements. The first offer doesn’t let you keep the bonus money, but you can probably deposit less to get more. You also have to play through it fewer times to keep your winnings.

The second offer lets you keep the bonus money, but it has a lower match, meaning you have to deposit more to match the bankroll you would get with the first bonus. You also have much higher wagering requirements to meet, meaning more chances to lose your money.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both types of bonuses. With cashable bonuses, you get to keep your bonus money, but you are more likely to lose it along the way if wagering requirements are harsh. Remember that the house always wins in the end, so casinos are probably banking on that happening.

Non-cashable bonuses have less stringent requirements, but you need to win a lot more to make your withdrawal worthwhile, if even possible. For example, some casinos have a minimum withdrawal requirement of $100. Not every player is going to hit that minimum with their bonus cash.


Overall, the answer to the cashable vs. non-cashable debate is based on personal preference. A lot of players don’t like the extra strings that come with cashable bonuses. Other players believe that a bonus offer isn’t worth it unless you actually get to keep the bonus yourself.

Many of our reviewers tend to prefer cashable bonuses because it seems like you win more if you do win. However, this view is not fact.

Ultimately, as long as a bonus does not appear to be a phantom offer, we say go for it. You might get lucky with that extra cash.

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