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Many casino gamblers consider advantage play as illegal and cheating with severe consequences. However, advantage play is simply about using techniques to give the player an advantage against the house and make it easier to win. The only thing that might be considered bad about this is that at some casinos, you will be blacklisted from playing there ever again.

Online blackjack is one of the games that you are able to use advantage play. There are different online blackjack advantage play techniques, and the most popular is card counting. However, this technique is more appropriate when you play at your local casino. When you use this method, you will reduce the house edge to as low as it can go.

In our guide, we will be looking at the various techniques that you can use to have an advantage on the house.

Using advantage play in blackjack to your favour

Different Kinds of Advantage Play in Blackjack

As we have mentioned, there are many ways through which to lower house edge. The different techniques that we have listed below are some of the ways that you can have an advantage over the casino when playing blackjack.

  • Card Counting – this technique allows you to decide on your hit, split, stand or double down strategies based on the cards that you are expecting to be dealt with. It also helps in identifying whether the next hand will have a feasible advantage to the player or dealer. Find out more about counting cards in blackjack in our guide.
  • Edge Sorting – this technique allows you to spot irregularities on the patterns of the back of cards. If you can spot these irregularities, you can use them to your advantage. In blackjack, if you spot groups of cards, such as the aces and 10s, you will have a significant edge.
  • Hole Carding – this is when you can get a glimpse of the dealer’s hole card. It is only legal if you don’t use a device to help you see the hole card. The chance to get a glimpse of the hole card will happen mostly when the dealer is sloppy.
  • Shuffle Tracking – one of the most difficult online blackjack advantage play techniques to understand. The concept of this technique is that there are a group of cards that stick more or less together when being shuffled. If you can track these cards, you will be able to have an advantage play.

Cheating vs Advantage Play

Some techniques are flat-out considered cheating and can lead to serious consequences being taken by the casino. We have already mentioned one way that is regarded as cheating, which is to use a device to get a glimpse of the hole card.

Another technique that is considered to be cheating in blackjack is changing the parameters of the game to be in your favour. There are many ways that people try to cheat in casinos. We always advise players to be responsible so you can enjoy your gaming online and at land-based casinos.