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The MGM Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada, is perhaps one of the most iconic casinos in the entire world, largely thanks to one feature. We’re talking of course about the incredible water fountain feature that is part of the Bellagio. However, there are some rumors floating around at the moment that suggest MGM executives might be considering closing the water fountain to make way for something else.

MGM Bellagio Water Fountain Las vegas

MGM Bellagio Fountain under Threat?

Several days ago, a report surfaced in the Las Vegas Review Journal. It claimed that a source had said that MGM executives had, had a discussion about the world-famous water feature at the Bellagio. The water fountain reportedly cost $50 million to create and was built by Steve Wynn. If the unidentified source is to be believed, MGM executives were discussing if the real estate could be put to better use. The reason being is that the water fountains don’t generate any direct income for the Bellagio, and there are costs in running the fountains.

The water fountain has become a major tourist attraction at the Bellagio and thousands of visitors flock there just to see the fountain. Many of these visitors will then visit the hotel or casino and spend some money. So, while it doesn’t directly make any money, it does indirectly contribute to the number of visitors. However, even this fact could potentially not be enough.

MGM Releases Statement about Bellagio Fountain

After the report had come out, MGM felt the need to release an official statement on the matter. In this statement, MGM stated that there are no current plans to remove the Bellagio fountain, nor does it intend to do so in the future.

The original writer of the report was quick to point out that MGM does not actually deny that its executives had a meeting. As it stands right now, these are just rumors and should be treated as such. There is no real evidence to suggest that the Bellagio fountain will be removed in the near future.