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It has been reported that about 90% of American casino gamers do practice responsible gambling. Also, that nine out of ten keen casino bettors are aware of responsible gaming events. Additionally, 88% of casino players in the US view gambling as a satisfactory form of entertainment. Practicing responsible gaming is not easy at all with all the temptations surrounding casino players.

Responsible Gambling

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The American Gaming Association (AGA), led the research. The Gaming Association surveyed 2,014 casino players from last year and also used their data to inspect their responsible gambling practices.

Based on the research, the statistics paint the casino industry and those who participate in it, in an optimistic light. Nine out of 10 chance bettors so set a budget before they go to a casino. With 90% of the visitors reporting a victory in following their spending. In Addition, eight out of 10 unplanned casino guests and nine out of 10 enthusiastic casino players show that they are actually aware of responsible gambling resources. Fascinatingly, 88% of those who were surveyed said that they see gambling as a satisfactory type of entertainment. And six out of 10 say casinos are helping with local economies.

Responsible Gambling Is A Priority

The president and CEO of the AGA, Bill Miller, says responsible gambling is their key priority. He continued to and said: “The research shows that our firm commitment to responsible gaming is hollowing with our customers. But achievement in this key area does not mean our work is done. We look forward to continuing to work with gaming watchdogs, our partners in the fight against problem gambling. Also, our workers to ensure players continue to take part in this form of conventional entertainment responsibly.”

The US saw rise in the number of states that are legalizing gambling, specifically sports betting. This comes from a  Supreme Court ruling in 2018, May, which upturned a 1992 ruling that forbids legal sports betting. States including New Mexico, Delaware, Nevada, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia are now legalizing gambling.

Washington State is the newest to introduce a bill calling for the ratification of college and professional sports staking. If passed, this would be an important moment because at the moment online gambling is a Class C felony in the state. Adding to the AGA’s findings, Miller said: “Gambling has made countless strides over the past years with the public progressively identifying our industry as the public partner and economic driver that we know it to be.”

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